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                                                METAL PLATING IN TORONTO.


Our plant in Toronto provides  Metal plating services which provides many benefits to products made from metal and other materials. Our plating services  in Toronto is a manufacturing process in which a thin layer of metal coats a substrate. This can be achieved through electroplating, which requires an electric current, or through electroless plating In Toronto, which is in autocatalytic chemical process. In either case, the technique results in one or several of the following benefits:


Improved corrosion resistance
Decorative appeal
Increased solderability
Enhanced strength
Reduced friction
Altered conductivity
Enhanced paint adhesion
Increased magnetism
Chrome Plating

Chrome Motorcycle Chromium plating often serves a merely decorative purpose, but can also foster heightened corrosion and friction resistance. Chromium most often plates nickel in the production of furniture and automotive trim products. Iron and steel are other common substrates of chrome plating, but usually require the use of a copper strike to provide proper deposition.

Chrome plating is an electroplating process that most often involves the use of a chromic acid known as hexavelent chromium. Trivalent chromium baths, which consist largely of chromium sulfate or chromium chloride, are another option for industrial purposes.

Gold Plating Toronto

Gold is prized for its high resistance to oxidation and electrical conductivity. Gold plating, which differs from gilding in that the gold is not a foil, is one of the simplest ways to impart these characteristics on metals such as copper and silver. The process is often used for jewelry decoration and for improving conductivity of electronics parts such as electrical connectors. 

When gold plating copper, tarnishing is an issue and can most easily be resolved by preceding deposition with a nickel strike. Also consider hardness and purity of the gold when determining factors such as optimal bath mixture and length of immersion.

Silver Plating Toronto

Like gold, silver is used in plating applications that call for decorative appeal and improved electrical conductivity. In general, silver serves as a more cost-effective plating solution because it is cheaper than gold and plates copper well.

Issues that may limit silver plating as a viable plating solution include humidity and galvanic corrosion. Specifically, silver plating does not work well for applications that are subjected to high humidity because silver is prone to cracking and flaking, which may eventually expose the base substrate. 

Nickel Plating Toronto

There is a nickel plating Toronto finish for almost any need. Nickel Plating Toronto can be deposited soft or had dull or bright, depending on process used and conditions employed in plating. Thus, hardness can range from 150-500 Vickers. Corrosion resistance is a function of thickness. Has a low coefficient of thermal expansion-is magnetic. This type of plating includes subtypes such as Black Nickel, Satin Nickel and Electroless Nickel. Satin Nickel is used for furniture, store fixtures, lighting and plumbing parts. It is available in three types of glossy, semi-glossy and flat.

Electroless Nickel Plating Toronto.

 100 percent uniformity of plate thickness on all accessible internal and external areas. Exceptionally good for salvage purpose. Heat treatment at 500'f for one hour should result in coastings with a Vickers hardness of 850 = 150 for class 2 applications. Note: class 2 coating should be applied to those alloys which would be affected by this heat conditioning.

Our nickel plating in Toronto is a popular plating metal, especially because it’s useful in electroless Nickel  plating In Toronto. Nickel plating often coats household products such as doorknobs, cutlery and shower fixtures for enhanced decoration and wear resistance. Nickel plates commonly bond with copper and aluminum, but also work on a wide variety of metals. 

In electroless Nickel plating Toronto, a nickel phosphorous alloy is used. The percentage of phosphorous in the solution can vary between two and 14 percent. Higher levels of phosphorous enhance hardness and corrosion resistance. Lower levels of phosphorous allow higher solderability and magnetism.

Copper Plating Toronto

Our copper plating service in Toronto, is another popular plating metal for applications that require high conductivity and cost efficiency. Copper plating Toronto often serves as a strike coating pretreatment for subsequent metal platings. It is also a popular plating metal In Toronto for electronics components such as printed-circuit boards. High-plating efficiency and low material cost make copper one of the less expensive metals to plate with.

There are three types of copper plating processes—alkaline, mildly alkaline and acid. Higher alkaline levels deliver superior throwing power, but require lower current densities and enhanced safety precautions. Health inspectors have linked cyanide in alkaline copper baths to certain health hazards, so it’s important to monitor these levels.

Rhodium Plating Toronto

Rhodium is a type of platinum that provides tarnish resistance, scratch-resistance and a shiny, white lustrous appearance. Rhodium plating is also common in jewelry production, especially in situations where white gold requires plating. Silver, platinum and copper are also popular base metals for rhodium plating. 

One downside of rhodium plating is that the protective barrier of rhodium will eventually wear away in applications that are subjected to high levels of wear. This can eventually lead to discoloration, and will likely require a second round of plating after a few years.

Zinc Plating Toronto

Our zinc plating in Toronto is commonplace in the automotive industry. Zinc deposition resists oxidation and corrosion well, and, as such, vehicle bodies are traditionally zinc plated, as are nails and other metallic products that are prone to rusting. Zinc plating Toronto is often associated with the galvanizing process. In fact, electroplating of zinc is often called electro-galvanization.

Cadmium Plating Toronto

Our cadmium plating service in Toronto improves paint adhesion, lubricity and corrosion resistance. A major benefit of cadmium over other plating metals is that adequate wear protection can often be achieved with minimal plating thickness. Major industries that use cadmium plating include the aerospace and military defense industries. Cadmium can be effectively plated on nearly all conductive metals.

Tin Plating Toronto

Our Tin plating in Toronto, can be effective for applications that require non-toxicity, high ductility, good solderability and improved resistance to corrosion. These advantages are most helpful in the electronics industry and food processing industry. Tin plating is commonly used on non-ferrous metals such as copper and nickel. Many ferrous metals can also be tin-plated.

Our tin plating service in Toronto, results in products that vary from matte gray to bright white, depending on the process used. The two types of tin plating are electrodeposition and hot dipping. Alloys such as brass or copper are often added to improve solderability or achieve a desired visual effect.


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